Latest News in Periodontology/Community and Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Regina J. Mutave - Chairman, Dept. of Periodontology/Community and Preventive Dentistry giving her speech during the Oral Health Summit 2016.

The theme of the summit “Integrating Oral Health and Health”.

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The School of Dental Sciences was visited by Prof. Peter Loomer and Yvonne Buischi of New York University.

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Visit by Prof. Dorte

Departmental members when they hosted the visiting Prof Dorte Haubek from Institut

for Odontologi, Health, Aarhus Universitet,  Denmark on 17th April 2015. Prof Haubek

is an internationally known academic and researcher in periodontal diseases among

paediatric patients.

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The Deputy Vice Chancellor (RPE) office makes a presentation on how to navigate the Research Africa Funding Platform.

The presentation was attended by Dr. Regina J. Mutave, Chairman Department of Periodontology/ Community and Preventive Dentistry.

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The students from the University of Nairobi, School of Dental Sciences and School of Medicine attended training on telemedicine at the Columbia Global Centre, Westlands Nairobi.

The training included the use of intra-oral camera, simple equipment for measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, Body mass and the use of Google Glass.

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