Message from the Head of Department
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Welcome to the Department of Periodontology, Community and Preventive Dentistry. The Department comprises of two Divisions namely:-

  1. Division of Periodontology and Periodontics – headed by Dr Matu NK
  2. Division of Community and Preventive Dentistry-headed by Dr Mua BN

The two divisions complement each other in teaching the students and managing patients suffering from periodontal diseases as well as dealing with oral diseases in the wider community.

The Department runs community outreach programmes whose aim is to provide free dental services to the needy as well as raising the dental awareness in the community. These outreach programmes are held countrywide with emphasis in the rural areas where dental facilities are not well established.

The department has been and is actively involved in Nation building through research and the expertise offered by members of staff to the government and various organisations. The members of staff were actively involved in development of the National Oral Health Policy and have various research publications in peer reviewed journals both locally and internationally.

Periodontal diseases are the most common oral diseases known to man but fortunately, they are preventable. The Department launched a Senate approved postgraduate programme in periodontology in September 2007 which will assist in providing a pool of specialist Periodontologists to enhance the treatment and prevention of these diseases in the country. The training includes an integrated implant course.

The department continues to be sensitive to the needs of the less fortunate and is actively involved in providing free treatment to needy children in homes in Machakos and Nairobi through a collaborative programme with FDI and UNILEVER.

Head of Department,
Dr. Bernard N. Mua



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